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Dunedin Town Hall


The Dunedin Town Hall redevelopment was a project of substantial civic importance, which included the complete upgrade of the historical Municipal Chambers, Dunedin Centre, and the Dunedin Town Hall.
A key requirement of this project was the linking of the three historic buildings to provide a single integrated conference and Theatre venue. Restoring and enhancing the original historical features was also of paramount importance. Our modern architectural approach, using zinc cladding and extensive glazing, allowed us to provide one single exterior of the building with a clear definition between the existing historic fabrics and the new building elements.
Our unique approach saw a focus on dramatic contrast and bespoke lighting treatments, creating a visual connection to the historic elements in and on the building. Overall the philosophy was to respect the existing architecture and only compliment and embellish the features of the buildings.

Project authored whilst at WSP Architecture.




Harrop Street Dunedin


Project Lead



Dunedin City Council

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