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Pareawa Banks Avenue School


The new school seeks to provide a stimulating teaching environment that incorporates the key tenets of the school’s education vision and community aspirations of togetherness. “To develop an environment where each learner is nurtured, inspired, encouraged and challenged to be the best they can imagine today and tomorrow”.
The existing Banks Avenue School, which is being replaced with this proposal, has a deep history and its rich culture is built strongly around recognition of past relationships and events, an integrated cross-cultural perspective and a clear aspiration for the future. A strong design narrative has been developed that incorporates these elements within the new school design. The layout for the school explores the embracing nature evident on the Hauora concept with the buildings arranged to wrap around the external play and activity spaces forming a powerful sense of a connected school community.
Classroom pods, allowing teaching in powers of two, with two pairs working as a power of four, aligns with the school’s pedagogy brief. Flexible spaces for adaptability in the future towards potential education delivery changes are considered, along with outdoor spaces arranged in an extension of learning.

Project authored whilst at WSP Architecture.




North Parade Christchurch


Project Lead


Matt Sloper


Ministry of Education

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