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Te Puka O Te Waka Rakiura Museum


Born out of necessity to provide a new purpose-built facility to re-house the islands’ museum exhibition, the project began its incubation almost 10 years ago. As the first piece of civic infrastructure constructed on the Island in over 25 years, the project developed a rich narrative supported by its strong connection with the ocean, maritime history, local iwi, community and environment.

The final design, inspired by the wedge-shaped site, reflects the wedge shape of the harbour, and the shape of many ships that have formed part of Rakiura’s history. This narrative of the building as a ship, or a vessel, is reflected in the purpose of the project itself – to contain and to house treasure and powerful objects of mana. Further linking the building to the island’s history are the ‘ribs’ running down the side of the museum, their size and style indicative of a whale’s ribs acknowledging the local whaling history.

The floating prow of Te Puka O Te Waka provides a striking addition to the street scape, whilst immersed
unobtrusively in the heart of the Rakiura community.

Project authored whilst at WSP Architecture.




Stewart Island


Project Lead



Rakiura Heritage Trust

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