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Tuatara Facility Queens Park


Creating a new home for this precious taonga is a unique and special project.
The concept is based on the ancestral home of tuatara, being an island formed to securely locate the
enclosure and aid in telling the story of their homeland. Similarly, the enclosure shape is
inspired by the spiny back of the tuatara and creates a sanctuary for the inhabitants and
varied viewing opportunities for visitors.
The facility will include nine separate areas that have the capacity to house 21 tuatara, and
an attached staff building that includes space for a bug station, hospital pen, and working
space for Living Species Officers.
Visitors will be able to walk around the outside of the facility and view inside each of the
enclosures. There is also a public viewing window to see when staff are doing health checks of the tuatara.
We are excited to be involved in this project of national significance
and we are looking forward to creating a safe and secure home for the
tuatara as well as a visitor experience the people of Invercargill and Southland can be proud of.




Queens Park Invercargill


Project Lead


Matt Sloper


Invercargill City Council

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